Wednesday, December 30, 2009

The Best of 2009


the power breaking down in the urban outfitters fitting rooms, conversations about blind dates in the stock room, 'quick, act like you're working!', a blind date, being completely off the world and almost falling down in front of the museum and later almost falling asleep over a diet coke, getting lost and trying to find your way and ending up being late, waiting for the light to go green again while listening to kings of leon, being a secretary, 19 little baby fishes and naming them all neighbour, o.c.t.'s and biometries and visual field tests, oblivion, giving just about everyone my phone number, being drunk as hell and running to the restrooms like crazy, myspace myspace myspace, lunch breaks at h&m, spotting myspace buddies at h&m, crash team racing, myspace myspace myspace again, entry exam, the weirdest yet most intriguing phone call I have ever had, long train rides, 'yaay we're on fire!', banana beer, the beach of ostend, robot chicken, alexisonfire and meeting dallas green, freezing to death at the station and having to bear a stranger's criticism on my drawing, fashion advice from ronald my graphic design professor, 'my spoon is too big', skating to the station, getting lost due to being overly focused on not falling on my face...

and hopefully tomorrow, an awesomely fun party.

what I hope is coming in 2010:

more memorable moments with my friends, meeting more awesome people, getting a tattoo or a piercing, finding more happiness in what I study, listening to great music, watching great films, live more, love more, laugh more, generally just having  a really good time.
forget new years resolutions.

happy early 2010 everyone. I wish you all the best for a new year and a new decade.



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