Friday, September 14, 2012

Friday Favourites #3: Scarves!

One thing I like about Fall and Winter is snuggling up in a cozy scarf. Although my Free People scarf will probably remain my favourite for another season, these alternatives have definitely caught my eye... 

1) Geometric - Ref. 9840335
2) Pastel tie dye - Ref. 9840338
3) Textured - Ref. 9840321
4) Nordic print - Ref. 9840318

I was checking out the Pull & Bear site when I was searching for the link to the skirt in my latest outfit post when I couldn't help myself looking at the new arrivals. Since I'm back to working office hours, I've become quite the online shopper, bad habit because it's just so easy! 

So now the question isn't "should I...?" but "how many?". My addiction to scarves started back in secondary school when I hated everyone and just wanted to disappear, which I managed to do; in my big scarf. So much that teachers started complaining about it, haha. I also grew a really big fringe that could cover my eyes so sometimes I would just zone out while listening to Placebo and no one would notice. 
I still do like to use my scarf as a shield. To unwanted smells on the bus, for instance, or to people I vaguely know but don't want to talk to, haha. And when it rains, I protect my hair by swinging my scarf around my 'do Grace Kelly style. I'd rather look silly for 5 minutes with the scarf on my head than look silly for HOURS after my hair is ruined. Hah!

In other news, I have a big ass cast on my foot since Monday! Yay for finally starting the healing process, nay to daily shots of meds to prevent my blood from clotting! My orthopedist figured that, since I'm a medical secretary, I'd be able to do the shots on my own. Like, handle a syringe... On myself. 39 more shots to go! I've had 3 and I'm getting better at it! Less dizziness and nausea (read: NEEDLES TERRIFY ME), but my hand still shakes a bit as I put the needle in my tummy flesh...
5 more weeks of this! It's almost over... Waaah!!!!

Have a neato weekend guys! I know I will cause I'm going to an amusement park WHOOPTEEDOO!!

PS: I've been trying to fix the links in the header but I've had no luck so far! Boo! Blogger is being totally uncooperative.



At September 16, 2012 at 10:29 AM , Blogger A Fashion Moment said...

I love #4 <3

At October 1, 2012 at 11:08 PM , Blogger Ria said...

Oooo I love all of these, but I'm a sucker for a printed scarf so 1 & 4 are my faves. Sad to hear about your cast, sounds really sucky for now but hope it gets better! xoxo


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