Saturday, January 26, 2013

January 26

Sup peepz! Seems like I may have found my creative mojo hidden somewhere behind the dust balls in my room (I need to clean that shit pronto), I haven't gotten back into drawing and painting just yet though but I'm hoping to overcome my negative* fear of failure soon!
*Negative fear of failure, opposed to positive fear of failure which makes you work extra super hard, leaves you paralysed, you want to start something, you assume you'll fail, and avoid the failure by not doing anything at all.

As I've mentioned in my New Year's resolutions post, I want to do a massive Spring Clean: Reorganise my desk drawers so it's not just a whole lot of mess and get rid of a bunch of clothes, old worn out stuff but also some more recent and even unworn (shame is upon me) items. I've been thinking about selling them for like €3 to €10, no jackpot but it feels like such a waste to just throw them away, and some items just seem too frivolous to donate (like a crochet dress, without a slip... uhhh). 

On to the pictures! I gathered some of my favourite jewelry and used some new clothes as a back drop, so consider this both a proper blog post AND a preview! Two in one action, as well as two posts in a span of a week, I bet you didn't see that coming! 

Bronze with beads and turquoise arrow - Urban Outfitters

Bronze with quartz and arrow - Forever 21

Moon pendant - Urban Outfitters
Dream catcher necklace - H&M (really old)

Amethyst and quartz - DIY
(if anyone has an outspoken opinion on this top necklace, which consists of a cluster of 3 stones and a decorative trim, do share, if I ever get around to getting my business up and running I want to make these too)

It's funny, I wanted to take pictures of my new necklaces but only photographed my old ones? Haha I'll get around to the new ones this weekend, as I have a pretty little pastel blue shirt for €5 at H&M lined up to photograph. I love these sale steals, it originally retailed at €29.95! Say whaaaa!
My Urban Outfitters order has arrived and the contents are currently scattered across my bedroom like the box exploded, that matte gold frame is absolutely hideous btw so if you were contemplating buying it, please don't! Zara Home has much nicer (though pricier, boo!) alternatives that are not made of plastic.

I guess I should get off my lazy butt and start tidying up so I will wrap this up now.
Have a nice weekend guys!



At January 26, 2013 at 11:30 PM , Blogger Melaine said...

it's so nice your blog

i love it!


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