Sunday, March 23, 2014

Change for the better: Part 6

Long overdue but here I am once again, with a little recap on my challenge to #changeforthebetter, aka to overcome my fear of failure.

What I have noticed throughout this process is that I am terrific at making excuses for myself: I don't have the right equipment (thanks to Special K, now I do!), I have to do the dishes (leave'em! it's not like I'm going to do them anyway!), my desk is a mess (then clean it!) etc etc etc... If I was half as good at getting shit done, I'd be a a full-time illustrator by now.

That nagging little voice in my head is still there, but it's become a lot easier to talk back to it considering the joy I get from completing a drawing. The therapy sessions I had made me realise I was being way too hard on myself. What's so bad about failing anyway? What is the worst that could happen if I try to draw Lala and end up failing miserably? I mean, it's not like Lala is suddenly going to start looking like her penciled counterpart, right. RIGHT?

But the biggest change was definitely my loving and ultra-supportive boyfriend. He'll literally be cheering me on when I'm working on something and he truly is my biggest fan (and I'm his because he's a rock star durh).
Don't have a boyfriend? Acknowledge the importance of feedback, and take note of what people are saying. Before I met James I just brushed off the compliments I got about my drawing, my photography or my writing, but then he came along, forced me to look at him in the eyes and believe what he was saying. I had to learn to accept and appreciate compliments, and my confidence skyrocketed.

For now, I think I have found my niche, I know what I like to draw and I have developed my own modus operandi and will continue to draw cute animals with funky headgear for a little bit before I move on to bigger and greater things.

My goals for the coming weeks/months include setting up some sort of portfolio, make room in my closet for James' stuff*, take outfit pictures (we have yet to find a moment in which I feel like getting out of my jammies, dammit!), stay creative and live the best life possible.

I have very much enjoyed this challenge and I can definitely say it made me grow as a person. So thank you Special K for this opportunity, thank you to my therapist who pushed me through a dark time and thank you James for being your amazing self. I take my party hat off to you.

Next up? I've been fiddling with the blog a little bit and will be doing a relaunch... Someday... Hopefully soon... But yeah you never know. Keep in touch on Instagram for shoddy mirror outfit pictures and snaps of Lala being adorble!

*On that note: Check out my Tictail because I'm selling things! I'll gradually add more as I go but check it out, and be sure to e-mail me for a better deal on shipping at discometooblivion at gmail dot com! Yeah!



At March 23, 2014 at 4:56 PM , Blogger Annebeth said...

blij voor je :) de juiste persoon in je leven hebben kan echt zo veel betekenen voor je zelfvertrouwen. Ik ben ook een ander persoon nu dankzij mijn vriend, en vice versa.

At April 1, 2014 at 8:34 PM , Blogger Insomnia said...

Hopefully I would be able to work on my illustration skills too, once I finally move and settle. Looking forward to see more of your blog and portfolio.
Glad you too found a supportive boyf!


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