Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Insert curseword here.


Hurray! Life can be so much fun from time to time. Last night I stayed up till 2 AM to finish some of my school projects, of which one you can see below, so you can imagine my sorrow when at 6:15, the alarm clock went off.
Now thing is, I had 4 hours of Photography class ahead of me - something I'd find super fantastic and interesting, if only we were being taught something.
So I stumbled out of bed, only to get back in for another 4 hours. Yay!

So now I haven't been to Photograpy class in like... 6 weeks. Oh my.

Anyhoo so second time's a charm, 10:30, I roll out of bed, all happy. I pack my things, do my hair, get dressed etc - only to arrive at school and notice our teacher is missing.

HURRAY! More happy fun time!

And now, pictures of my latest work that *gasp* involves scissors and glue! Anyone that knows me, knows that I prefer working with my precious computer, Photoshop and Illustrator.
But I did it!
(Sloppy look is intended btw.)

Box design had to include the word "ego", your baseline (for me that is a line from Akissforjersey's Marvin Gaye and How I Stole Myself, which I prefer acoustic, btw - "dry your eyes, dance in the sunlight"), a referral to your previous work and your name.

Hours dude, HOURS!

I don't only hate zebras, I also hate boxes.



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