Thursday, February 25, 2010

Feb. 25: I'll be the corpse in your bath tub.


I haven't been around much in the past week and even now I only have a boring text-only blog for you. We had mexican week at school and the past two days involved drawing from 10 in the morning till dinner time. It was productive, yet very tiring.

But that's not the real reason I've been away. Monday I finished things with my on and off boyfriend of seven months. Finished it in the-shot-of-mercy-straight-into-a-dying-deer's-brains way. I had to. We never had a chance anyway.

Anyway. I've had two questions so I'll just answer them before I fall asleep after two days of intensive creative activities.

"I really, really, really love your hair. If it's not too rude, can I ask how you style it?"
Well, thanks! My hair's naturally wavy like that, but it's not like I roll out of bed with a perfect hairdo. The trick is to use good products (I use hair dressers' products, they're not exactly cheap but I use like two €15 bottles per year) and to blow dry upside down. Not very convenient haha but you get used to it.

"hey, just wanted to ask if there were any fashion rules you follow? what things would you never wear?"
Never say never. I don't like to exclude certain items for eternity, but I do have this thing against overly colour coordinated outfits. I like colour coordinating with it's done subtly, not like black pants, red top, red belt, red nails, red earrings, red lips, red shoes. In fact, it doesn't stop at colour. Studded boots, studded bracelet, studded bag, studded jacket... I own those things as well, I just don't wear it all at once.
Oh, and polo shirts. I really don't like them, not on girls and not on guys.

If you have a question to ask, feel free. Drop it in a comment or through formspring here in the right column.

And to finish off, some very wise words:

        Sometimes love isn't about how much someone suits you, 
        but how much you're willing to change to suit them.



At February 26, 2010 at 6:22 PM , Blogger Petite Annabel said...

Hi girl, love your blog!
I always blow dry my hair upside down, even after last Monday when a strand of hair got stuck in the thing, ahh! Such a beauty disaster ;).
x Annabel


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