Sunday, June 17, 2012

Six Things Sunday #1

I sincerely hope next post will be presenting the new layout alongside some exciting outfit pictures but I'm kind of having a creative burn out right now and all I know is that I know NOTHING AT ALL.
Yesterday morning I went for a short shopping spree in the city and went home empty handed, I mean, what's wrong with me??? Not even some jewelry, just a bottle of water and a Hershey's bar!

Oh the humanity! I've fallen into a black fashion hole, I basically wore the same outfit all week just with different pieces: skinny jeans and a white t-shirt. Throw on a denim or leather jacket and boom, we're done. I need help!

Anyway, because I'm (s)lacking in the visual department, I thought I'd tell you some things you probably didn't know about me yet.

1. I get lost easily

Whenever I'm going somewhere I've never been, I draw a map in my notebook because I'm bound to walk the wrong way. This doesn't only influence me, this one time a guy asked me where a certain museum was and I sent him the other way. I was so upset when I realized, and he was long gone and I was working so I couldn't go find him. 

2. I harbor a secret mini Martha Stewart in me


3. If he'd ask, I would marry David Lynch
(Picture is his character Gus on The Cleveland Show)

He seems like such an interesting, creative and intelligent person, plus I'm strangely attracted to his voice, haha. 

4. I'm a "high sensitive person"

I hate loud noises, I smell things other people can't smell, and I'm an emotional sponge. You feel like crap? That's okay I'll feel like crap too, so we can BOTH FEEL LIKE CRAP, TOGETHER!!! Also, after spending time with friends or family, I feel the need to retreat. Nap time works wonders for me. 

5. My middle name is Diane

Like my godmother, and like the mysterious woman Agent Dale Cooper directs his voice recordings to!

6. I have a baby names list in my phone's 'Concept Messages' folder

I use Concept Messages as a notepad, srsly. 

Now let's see, what have I been up to the past two weeks... I officially joined the gym, today was my fourth time in and I managed to do a fine work out, if I may say so myself. I can't wait to get to my goal and properly fit into my jeans again, woo! I also learned how to park my car (and how to NOT drive into the bushes while doing so), and the driving itself is going so much smoother... I'll probably sign up for "real" driving lessons (up until now I had my parents teaching me, my dad used to be an instructor so it's safe, haha) Tuesday, although it's over €1000 and I don't know if I want to spend that kind of money... 

Also, since it's June, meaning we're halfway through the year, I figured I'd check up on my New Year's resolutions...

  • Get a new, better job 
  • Get a driver's license (halfway there!)
  • Pick up kickboxing (not quite, but I'm going to the gym!)
  • Improve my drawing skills so I can start thinking about becoming a freelance illustrator 
  • Move out and get my own place 
  • Eat better 
  • Feel happier
I hardly think it's coincidence that the biggest challenges are left untouched, I guess my fear of failure is still controlling my life in a way. I should read up on it, and try to make it go away. Maybe I'm just lazy when it comes to tidying my desk and getting all my drawing gear out. 
I should unleash my inner Martha upon my desk, that's fo sho. Perhaps next weekend. Or the weekend after. 

And that, my friends, is how a procrastinator's life looks like. 

See you all like, next weekend or so!

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At June 17, 2012 at 8:38 PM , Anonymous Anonymous said...

haha leuk! En je weet het duidelijk al, maar laat je niet leiden door je onzekerheden. Als je al zo'n leuke blog in elkaar kan toveren, slim overkomt en creatief bent dan heb jij vast alle talent om te gaan freelancen. Heel veel succes in ieder geval.

At June 17, 2012 at 10:18 PM , Blogger Megan said...

I'm totally a "highly sensitive person" - it even says so in my blog bio. It can be very frustrating dealing with all the baggage that goes along with being a HSP.

At June 17, 2012 at 11:28 PM , Blogger Jessi said...

Ik ben ooit in therapie gegaan en bleek dat ik een hsp ben! Ik kan me dus helemaal in je situatie voorstellen.

At June 18, 2012 at 11:28 AM , Blogger Annebeth said...

we zijn like totes dezelfde persoon! ik teken ook kaartjes voor ik ergens heenga, maar vooral omdat ik een nervous wreck ben IN CASE dat ik de weg kwijtraak. Ik wil ook mijn rijbewijs eindelijk deze zomer halen! Ik heb ook veel eigen, rustige tijd nodig want de wereld is zo vermoeiend! Ik heb wel geen middle name en Lynch lijkt me best een moeilijke vent, mijn lief is al gecompliceerd genoeg :-D

Trouwens, ik wil ook best je saaie outfits zien hoor :-D

At June 18, 2012 at 7:49 PM , Anonymous Anonymous said...

this is such a sweet post ;) I love it!
Keep going, you'll surely reach your goals ;)

xoxo Jenni

At August 22, 2012 at 1:18 AM , Blogger This is LN said...

reading your blog ! Such great inspiration ! I am a new blogger and would love for you to check out my blog and follow back if you

like it !


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