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For those viewing this post in bloglovin' or because you went WAY BACK into the archives of Disco Me to Oblivion, Baby!, because of my limited skill set, lack of patience, I stopped trying to build pages and figured I would just make these pages actual posts, like bloggers did in the Old Times!

This post was originally written Nov. 24 2012.


I'm known for my inability to keep things brief, and my storytelling. So I present to you: An unnecessarily elaborate info page!

  About me

So as you’ve probably found out by now, my name is Vicky. I’m from Belgium, the land of chocolate, waffles, beer and political clusterfucks. I live in a tiny village in between Brussels and Antwerp, but I hope to move to Antwerp city sometime soon.
For those who wonder, I speak Dutch and my French isn’t what it should be.

In my daily life, I spend my time being an ophtalmologists’ secretary, meaning I schedule appointments and surgeries, measure people’s eyesight, drink tea and share giggles with my co-worker.
I have a soft spot for all things pretty so you’ll often find me shopping during lunch break, haha.

A few years ago, I decided to go study Graphic Design, but I dropped out after a year. I guess I was too young (or too immature, to put it that way) to deal with the stress of deadlines and criticism. If I were ever to go back, I would try my hand at Illustrative Design, however – I prefer to draw stories elaborately, not try to condense much info in tiny packages.

When I’m not lounging, watching my favourite tv-shows, you might find me at a concert venue. I love hardcore/metalcore and anything with a rock & roll feel to it, and my favourite bands are Every Time I Die, Cancer Bats, Glassjaw, Gallows, The Bronx, etc etc etc.
The first time I ever stage dived was when Keith Buckley dragged me on stage... Twice. The man rolls hard. 

  About Disco me to Oblivion, baby!
    On style and blogging

Quite frankly, I don’t like refering to this blog as a “fashion blog”. Fashion is so much broader than shopping and styling, it’s a form of art which I don’t care about enough to label my blog after it.
Don’t get me wrong, I don’t mind watching a fashion show or two, but if I enter a library or bookstore, it’s likelier that I’ll be hanging in the illustrative arts section.

My style is pretty much a mish mash of things I like and feel inspired by. I can’t pin point it down to a few words other than those.  Lately I’ve been drawn to a bohemian, 70s laid back vibe, but then the next day I’ll go out all-black in coated skinnies and leopard print shoes. 
I don’t see myself as something special really, I just go with the flow. Whatever I do needs to happen organically – otherwise I just won’t do it haha.

 I’ve gotten a LOT of comments about my hair so I thought I’d explain the way I style it. My hair is naturally curly however it doesn’t look as polished when I get out of bed as it does in my pictures. I go to bed after washing my hair so it’s a birds’ nest in the morning. So I get the whole thing wet again, let it airdry for about 30 minutes and then blowdry upside down using a diffuser with my fringe seperated and pinned back. I straighten my fringe with a comb/dryer hybrid, which looks more natural than a flat iron.

    On webdesign

Another thing that is often asked about: My layouts. I create my layouts myself, which immediately explains the errors and flaws they have. They’ve all cost me blood, sweat and tears so if I catch anyone stealing my content I swear I will rip your guts out.
Okay I’ll probably just write you a pissed off e-mail, but still! My e-mails can be pretty vicious. GRRR!

I've been asked to do layouts for blogs a few times now. I currently don't often do commissioned work, because frankly I'm not licensed (tax-wise) to do so and thus I refrain from the big ticket jobs because Belgian IRS will hunt me down. I'm in the process though of getting a license, somewhere in the first quarter of 2013 I want to start a small business, yay! 

    About Sponsorship

If you would like to advertise your online fashion or lifestyle store on Disco me to Oblivion, feel free to contact me for facts and figures on the following email address: 

discometooblivion at gmail dot com 

I am happy to consider all kinds of collaborations, whether you're just starting your business, or you're representing a multi-national company.


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