Friday, April 12, 2013

Friday Favourites #4: H&M

Guys! I'm so happy it's Friday! The week sorta flew right by, luckily because I still have a ton o' stuff to do before I can finally move in ma criiib!
But for now, this blogpost will stick to some pictures of things that I've been eyeing at an all time favourite: H&M. I must say H&Ms A/W collection never really manages to impress me, and then Spring comes and I'm like ERMAGERD I want everything!

Photos: H&M, obv.

 photo 130412a_zpsec87629c.jpg

I ADORE these earrings. I'm really not much of an earring type of gal (mostly because I'm on the phone a lot at the office and dangly earrings PISS ME OFF when I'm on the phone) but these! The opulence, I love it. They make me want to go to some tropical island while sipping equally brightly coloured cocktails in drop crotched pants (SERIOUSLY).
I've been informed that these babies should be hitting the stores in May for €9.95, so if you need me during lunch hour, you know where I'll be.

 photo 130412b_zps228f79cb.jpg

I like my clothes to have some texture in them. I know fashion people tend to rave about basics but why wear basic pieces if you can wear AWESOME pieces, amirite? This tulle top with appliques is one of those things that draw my attention like a bullseye. As well as fringe. And tassles. And embroidery.
The top will be €29.95, the suede bag €79.95.

 photo 130412c_zps987b97e9.jpg

Since moving into your own place is expensive as fuck, I'm trying to focus on things I really need, you know, things like NOT A BIKINI. Although buying this set would mean you're supporting a good cause since it's part of the H&M for Water collection. €4.95 for the bottoms, €14.95 for the top (which I think is a bit steep but hey I don't need a bikini.)
The bag, which kinda looks like suede, is €79.95, which is in my opinion an okay price for a decent bag. 

 photo 130412d_zps60a078df.jpg

I know this whole sports thing is quite a big trend right now but this cardigan and mesh inset camisole is about as sporty I'll go: Not that sporty. I basically like the cardigan for the glittery trim and the camisole for the plunging neckline. Sparkles and titties. As I said, not that sporty. 
These items will sell for €39.95 and €24.95. 

So this is what my shopping list would look like if I had €224.60 to spare. I could buy a very decent vacuum cleaner with that money...
Boo adulthood, boo! I just want to keep spending irrational amounts of money on clothes!

More Spring/Summer wishes here on my Pinterest board!



At April 14, 2013 at 12:40 PM , Blogger S. said...

ooh dat zwarte topje is heel erg mooi!

At April 28, 2013 at 1:38 PM , Blogger Insomnia said...

Everything looks good. Want that first bag too :O

At May 7, 2013 at 3:07 PM , Anonymous Simone said...

Die witte top <3 prachtig, ik hoop dat hij snel in de winkel komt


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