Thursday, October 06, 2011

GPOYC: Gratuitous Picture of Your Cat...

... And Why I'm Such a Shitty Blogger! 

First of all, let me start my apology with a picture of my precious cat, Henry. (Yeah, the name 'Cat' didn't cut it anymore because more and more cats started showing up in your back yard. Note to self: Don't leave the cat food outside.)

He's a crazy little dude, this one.

Now for the whole blogging thing. I know I don't have to make excuses or explain myself for my absence, but I feel like sharing today, so I'm just going to elaborate on why I haven't been feeling very motivated.

As you all probably know by now, I'm a lazy ol' fuck. That's reason numbero uno.

Numbero dos, is the fact that the real world and blog world are slowly colliding. I obviously knew throwing all this stuff online and somehow being slightly successful at it would have some sort of impact on my anonymity. Being recognized is kind of weird. So is having friends going "So, I found your blog!" because taking a shit ton of pictures of yourself and your clothes isn't the kind of activity people would think I enjoy. (More like setting things on fire.)

Numbero tres, my beloved little Henry has gone missing last week. My mom and I have located him and we're going to try and get him back from this crazy old cat lady. Granted, Henry wasn't officially our cat, but we love him like he's ours so the idea of him being in this smelly dump with 20 other cats tears my heart out.

Numbero quatro. I've quit my job. I'd been talking about this for months as shit started creeping up the fan in May, and a few weeks ago I just decided it was time to move on. I would get up in the morning feeling good, then arrive at work and be a miserable wreck. Not just because of the palpable tension in the air due to past drama, also because I just feel like I can do more than this. Sure I've learned a lot from this job, probably more valuable information than from my job as a secretary as an eye clinic (because who needs to know how cataract surgery works anyway?), but I think I've taken all I could possibly get out of it. There's no way to get higher up and even if there was, I'm unsure if I want to stay in retail for another 5-or-so years.
I am going to miss it though, shits and giggles and dancing with the co-workers, some of the customers even, and generally being around pretty clothes all day, haha.
Just a month and a half to go, and then I'll be free once again, huzzah. Until then, my hours have been cut back a little so I'll just enjoy myself watching The Big Bang Theory, In Treatment, Sons of Anarchy, Criminal Minds and Dexter. Jesus I swear I'm not as lame as it may come across, haha. I do have a social life I swear!!!!

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At October 7, 2011 at 12:22 PM , Blogger amalia said...

Hehe!I really love the way you are writing!So after all we are waiting for your come back :)
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At October 7, 2011 at 9:05 PM , Anonymous Anonymous said...

Haha, jij schrijft echt leuk! En geloof me, je bent niet de enige die lui en series-verslaafd is. Heb zelf een soort mini-kalender gemaakt waarop staat op welke dagen nieuwe afleveringen van series online komen. Kwestie van alles wat overzichtelijk te houden, haha ^^

At October 19, 2011 at 3:12 PM , Blogger tessa said...

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