Friday, January 15, 2010

Fun with Paint.


Fun with Paint. Yeah, the real deal, not the Windows drawing program. Holy shiz!

I was cleaning out the cupboard today and found a whole bunch of ancient jars of paint, from back in the days my brothers had "Plastic Education" in the early years of secondary school. Mind you, both of my brothers have passed the big 20. So I was checking which paint was still good for me to use so I got me a spatula, some paper and some paper towels.

And yeah, playing around was inevitable.

These aren't the originals, I took pictures of them in artificial light with my camera's flash on and then edited them in Photoshop: Levels and brightness/contrast have been altered and the paper's edges have been erased. The second two-parter consists of little bits of one painting, the size of half a page.

I forgot how much I like playing around with paint! Last time I did something realistic though was over two years ago and it turned out really well so now I'm scared whatever I'll do look like shit haha.

Oh well.



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