Thursday, June 27, 2013

Bye Bye Birdie

... Or more like Bye Bye Kat Maconie sandals that don't fit my feet! Blergh I'm so tired of searching for Summery footwear, I'd almost wish Summer was over already!

Not really though.

I'd say the sizing is pretty accurate, I'm usually in between a 37 and a 38 and I got these in a 38 because I read Kat Maconie shoes run slightly narrow, which corresponds with my experience. Why I'm returning them? My toes are too short to fill the front up nicely. (Hah it sounds like a boob story.)

Kat Maconie 'Maude', €97 in sale via

How I wish they would look on my feet
(Picture from (Also if anyone has a suggestion for similar nail polish I'm forever looking for the perfect peachy coral!)

I'm returning these completely against my will and if it wasn't such complete nonsense, I would put them on a shelf to admire them when I'm in my couch but noooo, I'm watching my finances and shit. BOO!
So off they go. Back to a cold, unloving warehouse. And me, I'm going back to roaming ALL THE ONLINE SHOE STORES for sandals.
Finding the perfect pair would be an ideal pick-me-up for this shitty day I'm having. I biked to work today and I got hit by a tsunami of mud as a bus passed by, staining my entire outfit including my Muubaa leather jacket, and possibly ruining my favourite t-shirt (haven't had the chance to put it in the washer yet).

Thank god it's already Friday tomorrow! I have a productive little weekend planned, I've been pinning tons of design inspiration on Pinterest (secret board though, because a new layout should always be a bit of a surprise!) along with some tutorials on Adobe Illustrator! Excited! I'm gonna need coffee, energy drinks, junk food, Cherry Bouquet (AMAZING stuff guys) and last but not least, green tea.
I'm always munching when I'm designing haha.

Oh and thanks for the kind comments on previous post guys... It's been two weeks now and I'm just taking it day by day, because one minute I'm totally fine and the next I feel like crying and punching everyone in the face (more so than usual I must say). I suppose that's just the way grief works.

Anyway. TGI-almost-F!



At June 27, 2013 at 5:17 PM , Blogger Magdalena Sobeck said...

amazing shoes!!
love this!!


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