Sunday, December 19, 2010

Dec. 19: Sleep Underground


God you guys I suck at blogging don't I? I don't really know what prevented me from doing my thing on Blogger, maybe it's the shitty light in my room (or the mess that covers my room) that's not really inviting for picture taking, but otherwise, I did have enough spare time, as all I've been doing lately is working and watching Dexter.

omnomnomnomnom Michael C. Hall <3

The trained eye will probably be able to tell: I borrowed my dad's 35 mm lens and I luvz it. It's weird not being able to zoom (and for outfit picture taking purpose, very annoying because my room is too narrow for full body pictures without a zoom out option haha) but the performance in badly lit rooms is awesome.

My itty bitty perfume collection! I have way more samples than bottles (I only have Covet by Sarah Jessica Parker and Armani Diamonds, though I'm getting Cacharel's Scarlett for Christmas, hehe), because I simply can't spend so much money on something so... Trivial? I don't know, it's a shame I always get used to the scent really quickly. Would switching around every day work? Tell me and I might just buy a perfume for every day of the week haha.

                                                                                  Circa Survive - Sleep Underground

This song is insanely beautiful, Circa Survive seems to be totally back on track after Blue Sky Noise, which was nice and catchy but a little too catchy, it kind of felt like a pop album because there was something generic about their new sound. 

I barely ever wear jewelry in the Winter so I tucked everything into boxes, these pieces are the only ones I have "on display" right now. The purple stone is a pendant I got from my parents, I'm still looking for a plain long but thin necklace to hang it on, preferably an antique silver kind of colour. Mission impossible!

Also, I got this awesome maxi cardigan.

Dagda Maxi Cardigan in Cinder from AllSaints
(When you wear it the other way around, with the long part in the front I mean, it doubles as a snuggie! Hahaha!)

Long time readers will probably already know that I love all things maxi so now I have an extra piece, for those don't-feel-like-wearing-a-dress-or-skirt days! Also I had been dying to get a maxi skirt for winter but it's just so impractical, I'm happy I found something else to feed my need to feel like a princess. Some kind of dark morbid princess but it's still long and floaty enough to make me happy walking in it. I do have to have it tailored though, so perhaps if anyone knows a good place to get this thing shortened in Antwerp (oh what a long shot haha!) do share!

Last but not least, I've been looking into Primark's Spring collection, I sure do hope these items hit the one and only Belgian store because that'd mean I'd have to convince my mate to spend 3 hours on public transport with me again, hahaha. Goddammit I need a driver's license. Most of the items in these shots will hit the store in late January and some in late March. (Just go twice haha.)

I really like the styling and the backdrop in all these shots, but what I love most is the first outfit. The dress (yah unfortunately it's not a skirt and top combo, I guess you can't have it all) it super pretty and the shoes! Gah they look so nice, I might just have to try them on even though my heel always slips out of open shoes. 

The lacey top, a dress with a beach on it and a bag that looks like it could have been from Urban Outfitters (though being from UO, it would be Utterly Overpriced). Awesome! 

I can't wait for Summer to be here, I'm dying to wear all of my pretty dresses again!

I hope all of you are having a superb Sunday, I've been chasing bunnies, watching Dexter and doing a whole lot of blissful nothing all day. 

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At December 20, 2010 at 4:38 PM , Blogger Dana said...

Your not terrible in blogging!
Anyway, I love the photos! :D

At December 20, 2010 at 6:38 PM , Blogger Ilse said...

wauw, ik zag je blog via lookbook en ik ben blij dat ik hem heb gevonden. ♥

mega superleuke post, ik heb dezelfde parfum als jij en een overgroot deel testertjes haha. en omg ik zag dus niet dat dat primark was voordat ik de tekst ging lezen o_o

je hebt een nieuwe fan ♥

At December 20, 2010 at 8:15 PM , Blogger Annika said...

wow, amazing!

At December 30, 2010 at 3:11 PM , Blogger Marija said...



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