Saturday, October 26, 2013

Change for the better: Part 3

I am a terrible, terrible blogger, doing two of these posts in a row. Sorry to those who really don't care about my drawings and the inner turmoil it causes for me, but I did draw a picture of my Mom's cat Enya in a matryoshka costume? So, are we good now? 
I don't know what to think of this drawing actually, I feel like the different elements don't add up, but I did it and right now that's what's important. If it wouldn't have been for this challenge this drawing probably wouldn't have seen the light of day, but perhaps I'm just being too harsh on myself? I mean, I see really bad illustrative work on t-shirts all the time and people seem to buy that stuff, so... 
On a positive note: I do like that I managed to capture Enya's essence, and the flowers turned out pretty. 

This drawing up there may not be my best ever work (I consider that boat I drew back when I was in school my masterpiece), but hey I'm not going to learn from doing nothing, right? Babysteps is where it's at! I even took a micro mini step and finally finished a teeny tiny project that's been in my closet for far too long. 
If you're a long time reader, you might remember this: 

So I bought that dress because it looked like this other, sold out dress that I really wanted to have, but those flowers didn't really do it for me. I wore it two, maybe three times until it vanished to the back of my wardrobe. About a year and a half later I think, I decided to cut off the flowers. Halfway through, I noticed the big gaping holes the thread had made in the fabric. I smacked myself in the head, thinking I had ruined it and the dress was banished once again. 

But recently I was out running some errands and I needed a basic sewing kit. I thought of this dress and got the kit that included a seam ripper, which brings me back to one of last post's lessons: Get properly equipped. Seriously. 

 If you look really closely you can still see where the flowers were sewn on on the left side

What the scissors did in, oh I don't remember, about 40 minutes, the seam ripper did in 10. When I took the dress out of the laundry, there were no signs left of the thread ever being there. Yay! It's a small victory, but a victory none the less. 

I'm pretty sure slowly gaining confidence is the way to get out of this vicious circle. Just getting things done and staying busy gives you such a rewarding feeling, just make sure those things are relevant to your goals! And if I fail, well that's just another opportunity to learn, right? 

Until next time!

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At October 27, 2013 at 3:39 PM , Blogger Halo Hasta said...

i love the flower on that cute dress :*
and that drawing seems like matryoshka dolls than a fat cat :D

At November 20, 2013 at 5:02 PM , Blogger Jennifer said...

Je matryoshka is echt super!


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